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Peter Tassi

Author, Screenwriter, Playwright, Mission Worker

Author, Screenwriter, Playwright, Mission Worker

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Hamilton Heroes Photos
Miscellaneous Pictures of our World War II Vets

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Art AdamsJohn and Jeanne Bentley
Stan DarchFred EngelbrechtJack McFarland
Gord McPartlinArt PearsonBruce Sutherland
Frank VoltermanJohn WilkinsonAl Wilson
Also, take a look at a few German Propagana Leaflets
Dropped on Our Troops (courtesy of Al Wilson)

John Bentley

Upon reaching their destination, John would crawl under the dashboard wearing all his gear and parachute, and squeeze into the glassed-in area at the front of the plane. Lying face down to take photos through the optically-pure glass nose, it was as if floating 40,000 feet in space-with nothing above or below. Wearing an oxygen mask in the tiny, cold compartment, John took photos after placing the large camera over top of a small, finely-etched portion of glass used as a grid...

Jeanne sailed over to England after the War,
and John and Jeanne were married shortly after
John's release from the RAF in 1946

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